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Storage size recommendations:

  • 5 X 10 Storage Unit – 1 Bedroom Apt, Small Furniture, Tool and Shed Items, Boxes, Seasonal Storage Items (decorations, settings, etc)
  • 10 X 10 Storage Unit – 1 to 2 Bedroom Apt, Bicycles, Business Storage
  • 10 X 15 Storage Unit – 2 to 3 Bedroom Apt, Business Storage
  • 10 X 20 Storage Unit – 3 to 4 Bedroom Apt or House, Vehicles
  • 10 X 25 Storage Unit – 4 to 5 Bedroom Apt or House, Vehicles, Boats
  • 10 X 30 Storage Unit – Large Homes, Business Storage, Boats, Vehicles.

We recommend the use of wooden pallets to place your items on top of while inside the storage units.

We recommend covering your items with a tarp or plastic material to provide protection against the natural weather occurrences that take place inside garage type structures (condensation, etc.)

Please do not use mothballs in the units. A lthough mothballs help keep insects and other pests away, they can leave stains on your clothing, and the vapors they emit can stain other items in the storage unit.

When parking a trailer with us we urge that you utilize a chalk or stopper for your tires to prevent rolling in our lot.

Try not to leave food stored within your camper or RV while in storage to avoid attracting field mice and other vermin.

When storing your RV or camper for long periods of time, disconnect all electrical devices and remove batteries to avoid wasting energy.

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